Aerobike Rent

It is now possible to rent bicycle suitcases and bike racks from Aerobike. To rent, send an e-mail to with a request to rent. As the rented inventory is limited, we recommend booking a product of interest at an early stage.

Bicycle bags and suitcases:
Most cyclists rarely need a bicycle suitcase. However, it is an indispensable tool for air travel, ensuring that the destination is still reached by bike. Renting allows you to avoid buying an expensive and infrequently needed bicycle suitcase and frees you from the problem of keeping a bulky suitcase when you are not traveling.

B&W reinforced bike bag

Wheel stands:
The bike rack is a good tool for winter training, cycling in case of shoulder girdle trauma and warm-up in pace racing competitions. However, it is usually not needed on a daily basis and all year round – therefore it is reasonable to rent it.