Cycling Marathon

The EventRent Adventure Race Series ends with the stages to be held in Hiiumaa next week. The Busland Night Ride is scheduled for October 7 and the Emmaste 15th Cycling Marathon a day later. Busland The adventure ride for less trained night riding enthusiasts starts at Kõpu lighthouse at 8 pm An hour later, the start of the race is given, which can be taken with a mountain bike, fatbike or cyclocross bike. The race lasts 30 minutes on a three-kilometer lap plus one lap.
“This is the only cycling competition organized in Estonia, where yard candles are used on the picturesque track in the dark,” emphasizes Mihkel Reile, the chief organizer of the EventRent Adventure Series. “Although the track is well lit for a thousand outdoor candles, I recommend that participants also use a bicycle or helmet lamp.”
At the Emmaste Bicycle Marathon on Sunday, the 15 km long circuit will be run three times, the start will be at 1 pm Five minutes later, those interested who do not have sports ambitions will get to the 15 km track as part of the adventure race. On both days, Hiiumaa residents can participate in adventure trips for a fee of 1 euro.
The Emmaste Bicycle Marathon also includes free children’s rides, and in case of nice weather, a trampoline is set up for free use. At the Emmaste Bicycle Marathon, the best of the season summary of the EventRent Adventure Series will also be awarded at approximately 15.45.
More serious cycling enthusiasts will be able to take part in as many as three cycling competitions on Estonia’s two largest islands this weekend. On October 7, the last stage of the Marimetsa Cabinet will take place in Saaremaa. After that, you can take a ferry to Hiiumaa and take part in the Busland night ride that evening and end the tour on October 8 with the Emmaste Bicycle Marathon. Discounted pre-registration ends at midnight on October 4th.