Hiiumaa Cycling Weekend

Saare Emmaste Night Race Busland Kõpu Cycling Marathon

Date: Saturday 6.10.2018

Location: Hiiumaa, Emmaste

Format: MTB night race


  • Competitive race - 5 laps of ~3 km
  • Adventure race - 2 laps of ~3km

Date: Sunday 7.10.2018

Location: Hiiumaa, Kõpu

Format: MTB marathon


  • Competitive race: 3 laps of 16 km
  • Adventure race: 1 lap of 16 km
  • Issuing numbers and on the spot registration from 17:30 to 19:45, for the adventure race until 19:00
  • Children's races start at 18:30
  • Adventure race starts at 19:15
  • Competitive races start at 20:00
  • Race night ends at 21:00
  • Issuing numbers and on the spot registration from 11:00 to 12:30
  • Competitive races start at 13:00
  • Adventure race starts at 13:01
  • Award ceremony at approx. 15:00
  • Race day ends at 16:00


  • We ask that participants park their cars in the centre of Emmaste in the car park shown on the map.


  • We ask that participants park their cars in the car park shown on the map, slightly away from the race centre.

Description of the race format:

  • The Emmaste Night Race is a 3 km long lap lined with candles. The competitive race is 5 laps and the adventure race will be 2 laps. After the winner has finished, all other participants finish as well, even those who did not complete the full 5 laps. Those who completed fewer laps will still be regarded as finishers, but the amount of uncompleted laps will be taken into account in the rankings. The adventure race is not a competition and there will be no rankings. It is a recreational bicycle ride on a candlelit track.
  • The Kõpu Cycling Marathon is a classic cycling marathon where 3 laps must be completed. The adventure race is one lap only and there will be no rankings.


  • The award ceremony for both events takes place on the second day in Kõpu at approximately 15:00. The award ceremony for the best of the AeroBike MTB Trio series will take place in Kõpu as well.

Other information:

  • The night race track is decorated with and lit by candles. Even though the lap can be completed without a light at a slower pace, those participating in the competitive race must have a light attached to the bicycle or the helmet.
  • Please note that even though the organisers do their best to ensure the safety of all participants, there is always a risk of accidents, injuries and damage to equipment in cycling. By participating in the race every rider confirms that they are aware of the dangers involved and in the case of an accident they will be responsible for the consequences without filing any damages claims against the organisers.

Map of race track:


Maastikukolmik18 600x300px