New features and changes in 2018

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  • Results are now based on either a group finish or an uphill finish!

Starting from 2018, stage results will be based on a group finish or an uphill finish, depending on the nature of the race.

- Races with an uphill finish - Viljandi and Suure Munamäe - All riders will receive their own rank and point score. Photo finish will be used to determine the ranks.

- Races with a flat ground finish/group finish - Kuusalu, Elva, Haapsalu, Pandivere, Tallinn - 12 first competitors in the general classification will get their own rank and points. The group finish principle will be used for everyone else, meaning that competitors who finish the race in one group will share the ranks and points. A rider is considered a part of a group is they are less than 3 seconds behind the rider in the front. For example, if a group of 50 cyclists is racing to finish first, the first 12 to finish will get individual ranks and points, everyone else in the group will have to share ranks 13 to 50, equally sharing the points of these ranks. The final points will be rounded either up or down to the closest integer.

Because of the new results system, the amount of bonus points given to the fastest riders in the general classification will change as well. As we expect the point differences to be much greater due to the group finish system, the amount of bonus points given to the top 12 will decrease. The 1st place will receive 12 bonus points, 2nd place will get 11 bonus points and so on. Detailed information about the points system can be found in the race manual.


  • Cycling tour classification added - everybody gets a prize!
In addition to the usual point-based series overall classification, we are introducing the cycling tour classification, where the rankings are based on finish times only. The cycling tour classification applies to the long and short distance races and the youth race. In order to be included in the results of the cycling tour classification, a rider must finish all 7 races in the same format/distance. This means that riders who participate in the long distance race at one event and in the short distance race at another event will not be included in the cycling tour classification. There is no team classification and no age group classification in the cycling tour - only individual. There are no stage awards in this classification and the only award ceremony will take place at the end of the season. Three fastest men and the fastest woman will receive a trophy. However, every eligible participant in the cycling tour classification will receive a prize. See more in Sections 18 and 19.3 of the race manual.
  • The women's race will be absorbed into other races!
In 2018 men and women will have a chance to race together again as the race organisation has changed:

- There will be one women's group in the long distance race.
- The short distance men's race will simply become the short distance senior race and will include both men's and women's age groups (M/N-U30 and older).
- The short distance junior race now includes girls as well (age groups M/N-U19 and younger).

  • Changes in the starting group system!

Instead of starting group cards, wristbands will be used to control access to the starting area and the formation of starting groups in the long distance race is now more transparent. There are only two starting groups:

- Group 1 consists of 100 highest ranking riders in the general classification of the series (at the first stage, first 100 from the previous season's rankings) and cyclists with an elite licence from EJL or other national federation.
- Group 2 includes all other long distance race participants.


  • More senior age groups!

To make peer comparisons easier, new age groups have been added to the older end of the spectrum: M35, M45, M55, M65 and M70+. For women we have added the N-U15 and N35 age groups. Here are the all the age groups:

Age group
Year of birth
  Women Age group
Year of birth
M M-U15* 2004 and later     N-U15* 2004 and later
M M-U17* 2002 - 2003   N N-U17* 2002 - 2003
M M-U19 2000 - 2001   N N-U19* 2000 - 2001
M M-U30 1989 - 1999   N N-U30* 1989 - 1999
M M30 1984 - 1988   N N30* 1984 - 1988
M M35 1979 - 1983   N N35* 1979 - 1983
M M40 1974 - 1978   N N40+* 1978 and earlier
M M45 1969 - 1973        
M M50 1964 - 1968        
M M55 1959 - 1963        
M M60 1954 - 1958
M M65 1949 - 1953        
M M70+ 1948 and earlier        
* These age groups are only used for the short distance race. If riders in these groups participate in the long distance race they will be placed in the age group that is closest to theirs. There is one group for women of all ages in the long distance race.


  • Changes in the participation fees!

Registration for the whole series is now more affordable and the junior race fees are also lower. However, the junior discount no longer applies to long distance riders in the M-U19 age group. The junior price is based on the race distance and applies to all short distance junior race participants.

The schedule for single stage registration has changed as well. The first round now ends on Wednesday before race week and the second round ends on Wednesday during race week. Rider can still register online on Thursday and Friday during race week, but the race day registration price will apply.

Long distance
Short distance Senior
Junior race Recreational race (Discount from base price)
Round ends
Cycling fair price 100€ 100€ 60€ 40€ (3 free stages) 21.10.2017
Round 1 for whole series 125€ 125€ 75€ 50€ (2 free stages) 31.12.2017
Round 2 for whole series 150€ 150€ 90€ 60€ (1 free stage) 02.05.2018
Round 1 for single stage 25€ 25€ 15€ 10€ (-15€) Wednesday before race week
Round 2 for single stage 30€ 30€ 20€ 15€ (-10€) Race week Wednesday
Race day registration 35€ 35€ 25€ 20€ (-5€) Race day at 10:30
Last minute round 40€ 40€ 30€ 25€  (base price) Race day from 10:30 until the start

  • No more feed zones on the track

Considering various aspects such as the length of the race, the average finish time, the difficulty of taking a drink at very high speeds and the number of riders who have used the feed zones in the past it has been decided that there will no longer be feed zones on the track. Instead we will focus more on the quality and variety of the food and drink available in the race centre.


  • New stage and changes in race track

The Võru Cycling Race will be replaced by the Suure Munamäe Cycling Race which ends at the top of a long and steep ascent, right next to the Suur Munamägi Observation Tower. Smaller changes to other race courses have been made to make the races safer as well as more interesting.