Filter Velokauss 2019
Public bicycle racing cup
Race Manual 

1. Contents

1.         Contents
2.         Objective
3.         Purpose
4.         Race calendar
5.         Stage schedule
6.         Age groups
7.         Team classification
8.         Bicycle class
9.         Race format and starting order
10.       Registration and entry fees
11.       Re-registration
12.       Entry fee includes
13.       Race numbers
14.       Catering
15.       Technical aid
16.       Medical aid
17.       Penalties
18.       Determining the placement in the classifications
19.       Publishing the results
20.       Award ceremony
20.1.    Stage awards on time trial stages
20.2.    Overall awards
20.3.    Platinum, Golden, Silver and Bronze diploma
21.       Leaders' skinsuits
22.       Other information
23.       Additional information and feedback
24.       Organizers

2. Objective

2.1.      To offer an opportunity to regularly participate in road cycling and mountain biking (MTB) races throughout the season.

2.2.      To maintain and develop the time trial tradition in Latvia.

2.3.      To offer an attractive opportunity to engage in cycling.

2.4.      To connect people interested in the disciplines of road cycling.

2.5.      To introduce new people to cycling.

2.6.      To have the finest quality of organization amongst road cycling events in the country.


3. Purpose

3.1.      The Cup is for participants of any level- young riders, elite riders, senior riders, recreational riders, who are interested in cycling professionally or at amateur level, or as a hobby.


4. Race calendar

4.1.      A total of 5 stages are held throughout the season:

Stage  Date  Distance  MNT
Distance MTB Location 
I 09.05.2019 11 km, time trial ? km Jūrmala
II 23.05.2019 20 km, time trial in pairs ? km Garkalne
III 17.06.2019 16 km, time trial ? km Rīga
IV 18.07.2019 15 km, time trial ? km ?
Final 25.08.2019 25 km, time trial ? km Ainaži



5. Stage schedule 

5.1.      The stage schedule for all time trial stages of the Filter Velokauss is as follows:

  • Registration is open from 16:30 till 19:30
  • Start of the MTB race is open from 17:30 till 17:45
  • The start of the road cycling race is open from 18:00 till 19:30. The closing of the start may be delayed in case the number of riders is too great to be accommodated by the initial starting times.
  • The race HQ will be closed at 20:30.


5.2.      The stage schedule for 5th stage of the Filter Velokauss is as follows:

  • Registration is open from 10:30 till 14:30
  • Start of the MTB race is open from 11:30 till 11:45
  • The start of the road cycling race is open from 12:00 till 14:00. The closing of the start may be delayed in case the number of riders is too great to be accommodated by the initial starting times.
  • The race HQ will be closed at 15:00.
  • Overall awarding ceremony is planed at 15:00.


6. Age groups

6.1.      There are separate individual classifications for the MTB and road races. Both disciplines simultaneously have the general classification and the age groups classification.

6.2.      Only the general classification of the road races has team classification as well. In the team classification age categories do not matter.

6.3.      Age categories will be calculated based on the year of birth; in the Filter Velokauss classifications will be kept in the following age categories:

Men Age group Birth year   Women Age group Birth year
M M-U13 2007 - 2008   F  F-U13  2007 - 2008
M M-U15 2005 - 2006   F F-U15 2005 - 2006
M M-U17 2003 - 2004   F F-U17 2003 - 2004
M M-U19 2001 - 2002   F F-U19 2001 - 2002
M M-U23 1997 - 2000   F F-U23 1997 - 2000
M M-U30 1990 - 1996   F F-U30 1990 - 1996
M M30 1980 - 1989   F F30 1980 - 1989
M M40 1970 - 1979   F F40 1970 - 1979
M M50 1960 - 1969   F F50 1960 - 1969
M M60 1950 - 1959   F F60 1950 - 1959
M  M70  1940 - 1949   F F70 1940 - 1949
 M  M80 1930 - 1939   F F80 1930 - 1939


7. Team classification 

7.1.      Besides individual age categories, team classification will also be kept, but only in the road races. In order to participate in the team classification, one must register his/her team using the correct field in the registering module.

7.2.      It’s important to know:

1.     Team registration is free and can be made throughout the whole season online at, using the correct module.

2.      Registered teams are valid until the end of the season – they can not be changed.

3.      Registering the team is the validation of a group of riders as a team, it is not the same as registering team members. All members must be registered to a stage or the whole cup separately, paying their starting fee.

7.3.      Forming a team:

1.      A team consists of 3 to 6 freely chosen people.

2.     Members of a team don't have to belong to any cycling club, a team may be any kind of random selection of people. Members of a team do not have to be of the same sex nor the same age. However, one person can only belong to one team.

3.      In every stage three of the best finishers in a team will be taken into account in the team classification. The individual points they gather are summed up for the team classification. In case fewer riders from a single team finish, all of their points will be taken into account.

4.   The final team results of the series will be determined by adding together the points the team earned on all 5 stages.


8. Bicycle class

8.1.      Bicycle type is free - in both types of race riders may participate with any kind of standard bicycle: road bike, mountain bike, time trial bike etc.

8.2.      There is no separate classification within one race format for different types of bicycles. Riders are competing on equal grounds regardless of the bicycle type they are using.

9. Race format and starting order 


9.1.      Depending on the stage discipline, three different kinds of race formats will be applied in the Filter Velokauss. The basis of classification is the time competitors take to cover the race distance.

1.      Time trial – riders will set off one by one after a 30 second interval.

        Every rider must cover the distance independently - drafting is not allowed.

       Stages 1, 3, 4 and 5 of the road races will be in the individual time trial format. All 5 MTB races will be in the individual format.

2.      Time trial in pairs – riders will set off in pairs after a 30 second interval, but in case there is no suitable partner present, it is allowed to start as a single rider.

        Paired riders are allowed to draft each other and co-operate in order to gain time. Drafting riders from other pairs or individual riders is prohibited.

        The time of the rider who finishes last from a pair, counts. Both riders will get the same time and rank in the race results. Individual riders are timed individually.

        In case of technical failure of one paired rider their partner has the right to continue the race as an individual rider and receive a rank in the stage results, but only in case the abandoned rider notifies the commissars of their situation and the nature of the technical failure promptly after returning to the race HQ. In case of suspicion of unsportsmanlike behavior the commissars have the right to refuse to count the finished partner as an individual rider.

        Paired riders do not have to be from the same cycling club or age group. There are no limitations whatsoever regarding the choice of partners.

        The 2nd stage is held in the discipline of time trial in pairs.


9.2.      In the Filter Velokauss the starting procedure for time trial stages is carried as follows:

  • The start of the MTB race takes place from 17:30 till 17:45 and on the final stage from 11:30 to 11:45
  • The start of the road time trial races takes place from 18:00 till 19:30 and on the final stage from 12:00 to 14:00.
  • The open starting time is divided into intervals of 30 seconds.
  • In case of more contestants, the starting time is extended according to needs.
  • During preregistration the rider can choose a suitable starting time from the list of available times. This will be shown in the starting list. The commissair has the right to make changes to the starting list if necessary. Riders who register at the race centre on the day of the race can start at times that have not been booked yet or when another rider doesn't show up at their assigned time.
  • For starting, the rider needs to show up to the starting podium at the time he/she is ready for the start. In case more than one rider wants to start on the same minute, the referee serves first the one, who appeared first.
  • The participant can choose to start from the start ramp or a starting platform on the ground. 


10. Registration and entry fees

10.1.    Registration takes place prior to the stage online at or on race day, in which case payment in cash will only be accepted.

10.2.    Registration fees for time trial stages are as follows:

Youth*  Discount 
Round ends
Round I for all stages  60€  45€ -2 stages price 30.04.2019
Preregistration for single stage 15€ 10€ -5€ 2 days before stage
On the spot for the single stage 20€ 15€  base price Race day at 19:30
* Youth are U-13; U-15; U-17 and U-19 age groups


10.6.   The prices are the same for all age groups. Participation fee for road and MTB races are not combined, for each race should be made separate registration.

10.7.    On site registration is available only in cash and only to the stage taking place that day.

10.8.    In case a rider does not participate, the entry fee is not refunded or transferred to other stages regardless of the reason for not participating.


11. Re-registration 

11.1.    Re-registration as registration instead of a companion who cannot participate is not performed in the Filter Velokauss. Every participant must register according to the price table in section 10.  


12. Participation fee includes

  • Marked and regulated race circuit
  • Timekeeping and a result in the stage protocol
  • Filter season numbers (additional sets of numbers are only distributed for a fee)
  • First aid
  • Prizes for the fastest participants in the season overall classification
  • Race commentary
  • Photos of the race
  • A bottle of refreshing drink after finishing
  • Extra services available at the race HQ (merchant tents etc)
  • Bonuses from the business partners of the Filter Velokauss: coupons, pamphlets etc (available only for participants for whom the given stage is their first in the Cup this season)
  • Trampoline for children
  • In final stage - catering after finish.
  • After the season - a photo card of the contestant with his/her results of the season.


13. Race numbers 

13.1.    For timing and referee work, Filter Velokauss uses race numbers and timing chips.

13.2.    The first time a person participates he/she will get a number and timing chip from race secretary, which is valid in all Filter Velokauss stages till the end of the season. Issued race number and timing chip is the same for both MTB and road races.

13.3.    The number must be attached to the participant’s lower back so that it is clearly visible from behind. The timing chip shoul be placed on seat post of bicycle. A result in the stage protocol is not guaranteed for participants who have fitted their number or timing chips incorrectly.

13.4.    The first seasonal number and timing chip is free. If a competitor should lose his/her number by the next stage, it's possible to receive a replica, yet it costs € 3.00 and € 10.00 for timing chip.

13.5.    Participants must use their unique Filter Velokauss season numbers. The use of numbers that originate from other competitions or are self-made is prohibited, even if the numeric value displayed on it is equal to that of the season number.


14. Catering 

14.1.    No catering is organized for the participants on the tracks of in the Filter Velokauss.


15. Technical aid 

15.1.    The organizers do not ensure spare parts or technical aid in the race.

15.2.    Transport back to the race HQ is ensured for riders who have abandoned the race by the bus which drives behind the last competitor.


16. Medical aid 

16.1.    First aid is ensured by a paramedic in the race HQ.


17. Penalties 

17.1.    Penalties are regulated by the UCI rules and the LRF reglementation.


18. Determining the placement in the classifications:

18.1.    The stage protocol is compiled according to the time each participant took to complete the stage. The overall classification is determined by the number of points each rider accumulated throughout the season.

18.2.    Four road  and MTB time trial stages with the highest point scores count in the final overall classification.

18.3.    Points are awarded to men according to the general classification of male participants and to women according to overall classification of female participants. The age classification is determined by picking out the riders of a certain age group from the stage overall protocol.

18.4.    The stage protocol for the time trial in pairs is compiled according to the principle that a pair gets two places in the stage protocol. Both riders of the pair will get as many points as the first rider of the pair. For example: Both riders of the fastest pair will get points of 1st place, both riders of the second fastest pair will get points for 3rd place etc.

18.5.    The overall team classification is compiled according to principles provided in section 7.

18.6.    Points will be awarded during first six time trial stages as follows:

Points Rank
I 300+100 11. 290
II 299+60 12. 289
III 298+40 13. 288
4. 297+30 14. 287
5. 296+20 15. 286
6. 295+10 16. 285
7. 294+8 17. 284
8. 293+6 ...... ......
9. 292+4 n≤300 300-(n-1)
10. 291+2 n>300  
*n is the rank of the rider


18.7.     At Final stage points are multiplied with 1.5. For example, 1st place receive: (300 points x 1.5) + 100 points = 550 points. 2nd place receive: (299 points x 1.5) + 60 points = 508 points etc.


19. Publishing the results 

19.1.   Preliminary results will be published no more than one day after the race online at, the official site of the Filter Time Trial Cup.

19.2.    In case of mistakes in the preliminary results, unsportsmanlike behavior of fellow riders and other occasions of such, participants may file a complaint within 6 days after the race. Complaints must me addressed to any of the persons mentioned in the part 23.2 of this manual. 

19.3.    Final results will be published online at within one week of the race.

19.4.    After the final results are published, no more complaints will be taken into account and the results will not be altered.


20. Awards 

20.1. Stage awards 

20.1.1. There will be no awards given out at separate stages. Only the fastest in the series overall classification are awarded. 

20.2. Overall awards

20.2.1. The award ceremony for the overall classification in MTB race will take place after the 4th stage. The award ceremony for the overall classification in road race will take place after the final stage.

20.2.2. Attending the award ceremony is obligatory to receive the prize. In case the racer is unable to attend the ceremony, they may have a representative to receive the prize for them. No awards will be distributed after the ceremony.

20.2.3. The top 6 male and top 3 female riders of the overall classification in road races and top 3 male and top 3 female riders will be awarded with a cup and a monetary or material prize.

20.2.4. The first tree contenders of all age classifications in both MTB and road races will be awarded with a medal.

20.2.5. The top 3 teams in the road race team classification will be awarded with a cup and a monetary or material prize.


21. Leaders' time trial skinsuits

21.1.    Four distinguished time trial skinsuits are used in the Filter Velokauss road and MTB races: blue, yellow, pink and white.

  • The blue suit is for the reigning champion of the Filter Velokauss. It is awarded for use to the previous winner of the Cup for the entire next season.
  • The yellow suit is for the leader of the overall classification of the Filter Velokauss.
  • The pink suit is for the leader of the women overall classification of the Filter Velokauss.
  • The white suit is for the leader of the young riders classification of the Filter Velokauss. White suit is meant for the riders born in 2001. - 2002.


21.2.    The skinsuits and jerseys are handed to their rightful owners at the registration desk prior to each stage.

21.3.    Each unique wearer of the skinsuit and jersey is entitled to one skinsuit or jersey of either colour. In case the rider maintains the right to wear the skinsuit or jersey over the following stage, they must wear the one they already possess.

21.4.    The wearer of the distinguished suit or jersey must take care that the skinsuit and jersey remains in decent condition. If the suit or jersey has been either broken, left behind or hopelessly stained then the wearer may request a second skinsuit or jersey to be handed to them, but no more than once during the season. 

21.5.    According to the manual, in case a skinsuit or jersey other than yellow also belongs to the same participant, one must wear the yellow suit and jersey and give up any other suit he/she holds to the next ranking rider in the classification. The blue skinsuit and jersey is an exception, as it may only be worn by the overall winner of last season.

21.6.    In case the owner of the leader skinsuit or jersey by the rules does not compete, then on this stage the skinsuit or jersey of this colour is not handed out.

21.7.    On the first stage of the Cup only the blue skin suit or jersey is awarded.

21.8.    Wearing the skinsuit and jersey is mandatory to its rightful wearer and the race number must be worn with it.

21.9.    Additional sponsor logos or scripts are only allowed with the consent of the organizing committee of the Filter Velokauss. Changing the original layout of the skinsuits and jerseys without permission is not allowed.

21.10.  Wearing leaders' skinsuits and jerseys from previous seasons, also those bought, received as a gift or borrowed is prohibited. The distinguished skinsuit and jersey may only be worn by the rider who has the right to do so according to this manual.


22. Other information

22.1.    The race is held in accordance with the UCI and LRF regulations.

22.2.    Young athletes who possess a UCI license must follow their correct gear ratio limitations.

22.3.    Filter Velokauss is a folk sports event. It is not mandatory to possess a UCI license, anyone who wishes to participate is welcomed.

22.4.    Everyone participates at their own risk. By starting, the rider confirms that he or she has understood the race manual, their physical condition allows them to participate and they know what kind of risks cycling may pose. In case of an accident the rider covers all damage on their own.

22.5.    All cyclists are obliged to follow traffic regulations, the signals that race commissars and traffic regulators give them. Crossing the central axis of the road is forbidden.

22.6.    Wearing a helmet is mandatory.

22.7.    Warming up is forbidden at the race track during the race.

22.8.    Littering the race track is forbidden. Any rider who leaves trash on the track is disqualified.

22.9.    The head commissar is Aleksands Trofimovs (tel. +371 22328023; e-post:

22.10.  All matters not determined in this manual are decided by the board of commissars.

22.11.  With the consent of the board of commissars the organizers have the right to make additions or changes into the race manual during the season. 


23. Additional information and feedback 

23.1.    The official website and source of information for the Filter Velokauss is In case the information provided at other online sources differs from that of the official website, the information on the official website is correct.

23.2.    Contacts for providing feedback:

  • – Matters concerning the work of commissars and the race manual and complaints concerning the incorrect behavior of fellow racers.
  •  – Flaws in the race results.
  • –General organizational matters and proposals


24. Organizers

24.1.    The organizer of the Filter Velokauss is SIA Aerobike in cooperation with OÜ Aerobike: