Sigvard Kukk, Filter Road Cup winner 2011

   Sigvard Kukk won the Filter Road Cup in 2011. Although Mart Ojavee won half the stages that year- more than anyone else before him- Sigvard became the overall winner. Here's the interview that took place in January 2013.

How important do you think the Filter Road Cup win was for your carreer- did it affect its course?
  It is always nice to win, but I can hardly say it changed anything. I finished top-level sport a long time ago!!!
What do you remember most about the Cup?
   It was nice to see how amateur teams work together and try to influence the race. It shows the good level our amateurs are at.  

How attentively do you follow the news aroud the Filter Road Cup?
   I keep my eye on how good the Spordipartner team members are doing.

The number of stages in the Filter Road Cup has changed over the years. What do you think would be the optimal number of stages  and what kind of circuits should the Cup prefer?
   The number of stages is good at the moment. A lot of people ride other cups as well and increasing the number of stages would prove difficult.

What profession do you work in?
  I can say that I have combined my work and hobby. I work at Spordipartner cycling store, which sells and repairs cycling equipment. We also sell sports foods and drinks and make cycling clothes with logos and design of the client's choice.

Would you recommend youth and amateur cyclists to participate in the Filter Road Cup and why?
  Racing is always the best kind of training, especially due to experience. In cycling it counts a lot. Road races also provide a good opportunity for young riders to develop speed and other abilities. The amateurs who aim to do well in mountain bike races should also take part in road races to improve speed.

Your message to the cycling folk?
Take into account your neighbour as you ride side-by-side. That way you create more positive emotions and a good result is just a bonus!