Mart Ojavee, Filter Road Cup winner 2010

   Mart Ojavee won the Filter Road Cup in 2010. He also holds the record for most stage wins in one season- 3 in 2011. This interview with the champion took place in January 2013. 
How important do you think the Filter Road Cup win was for your carreer- did it affect its course?
 I don't think it is my best result, but a win is a win. Luckily or unfortunately it didn't affect my carreer.
What do you remember most about the Cup?
All the stages I won.

How attentively do you follow the news aroud the Filter Road Cup?
If I don't participate myself, I read the results. I keep my eye on my competitiors just in case.

The number of stages in the Filter Road Cup has changed over the years. What do you think would be the optimal number of stages  and what kind of circuits should the Cup prefer?
I think there are enough stages. If you look at the calendar, there is not much room for additional stages. There could be a stage in Otepää. 
What profession do you work in?
I have had the possibility to focus only on professional sport. It is my job. 

Why would you recommend youth and amateur cyclists to participate in the Filter Road Cup?
Of course every young and amateur cyclist should take part in the stages. These are good races where you can practice surviving in the group.