Ervin Korts-Laur, Filter Road Cup winner 2009

   Ervin Korts-Laur is the first winner of the Filter Road Cup. True, the cup had a different title and consisted of two road races and two time trials. This interview took place in January 2013.
How important do you think the Filter Road Cup win was for your carreer- did it affect its course?
It was a very fun part of my carreer. Since I focused more on time trial, I have few great achievements in road races. That's why the Road Cup win is important.
What do you remember most about the Cup?
The aftermath that the victories stirred up.
Which overall win do you value more- the 2009 Road Cup win or the two consecutive Time Trial Cup wins?
Since time trial is my favourite discipline, I think the Time Trial Cup wins have been a bit sweeter.

How attentively do you follow the news aroud the Filter Road Cup?
Not particularly. Only as much as I get e-mails and hear from my friends.

The number of stages in the Filter Road Cup has changed over the years. What do you think would be the optimal number of stages  and what kind of circuits should the Cup prefer?
   The number of stages should be decreased. They should take place in different parts of Estonia, where you might not wander otherwise.

What profession do you work in?
  I work as an IT specialist at the Tallinn University of Technology and in the private sector as well.

Why would you recommend youth and amateur cyclists to participate in the Filter Road Cup?
People need challenges and sports is one of the good variants.

Your message to the cycling folk? 
Take it easy.