Silver Schultz, winner of the Filter Road Cup 2014

   Silver Schultz is the winner of the Filter Road Cup in season 2014. Here`s an interview with him that took place in January 2015:
How important do you think Filter Road Cup win was for your career - did it effects its course?

   It was important for me because it is one of the biggest road cups in Estonia. One of my goal for season 2014 was to win at least one cup in Estonia. Because I am now training alongside my working career it doest directly affect my cycling career anymore but it is always good to win.

What do you remember most about the Cup?
   The greatest memory is probably from Haapsalu Rattaralli. The day before the race we reconnaissanced the course and I picked up perfect place to attack. The race went right into my plan and last 25 kilometers I was riding solo towards victory. Also a great race was Võru Rattaralli were whole team ride from start to finish at a front of the group to protect my leader jersey.

How attentively do you follow the news around the Filter Road Cup?
   I try to catch up all the news releated with Filter Road Cup.

The number of stages in the Filter Road Cup has changed over the years. What do you think would be the optimal number of stages and what kind of circuits should the Cup prefer? 
   In my opinion there are enough number of stages at the moment beacause our racing calender is already quite full. So there is enough time between races that amateurs could get a little rest and riders going after victory have time to prepare for the next race. There is no particular race to prefer because variety of races makes it awesome.

What profession do you work in?
   I work at A&T Sport shop.

Would you reccomend youth and amateur cyclists to participate in the Filter Road Cup and why?
   These races are good places where to learn how do move in group, positioning etc. for all the riders. Also thanks to high average speeds they are good to improve your speed. 

Your message to cycling folk!
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