Race Cup Series

The Filter Speedway Cup offers a number of important innovations to participants in the new season. In response to the wishes of experienced riders, new age classes for seniors will be added to the general classification of the series: M / N35, M / N45, M / N55, M / N65 and M / N75. Thus, the Filter Speedway Cup Series has a total of 17 age groups for men and 17 age groups for women – it is the most cycling series in Estonia for age groups!
“This gives seniors the opportunity to compare their abilities with more equal fellow competitors, and catching high places definitely adds motivation,” said Mihkel Reile, chief organizer of the Filter Speedway Cup Series.
Maardu will join the Filter Speed ​​Race Cup Series, which consists of six regular stages and a final race, replacing the second Pirita race. The stage on August 8 is special in that the trail includes the Ülgase ascent. It is one of the most difficult mountains in Northern Estonia.
“It has been our practice to offer participants a new path every year. As there has been very good cooperation with the existing partners, we did not want to abandon any stage permanently. The participants only win from this, because the season will be more diverse than before, “Reile explained.
In parallel with the stages of the Filter Speed ​​Race Cup Series, the Filter Road Run Series will continue, where a distance of 5 km is planned each time.