Mountain Bikers

In the new year, EventRent will replace the AeroBike Terrain Triple for mountain bikers, which, as the name suggests, consists of three unique stages.
The first event starts on April 29 in the center of Tallinn and is an enduro format ride. The second event will take place on September 2 as part of the Fakto Auto Tallinn Race and participants will be able to test themselves in a 40 km long marathon.
Point 6.-7 is put on the season. at the Hiiumaa Bicycle Weekend until October. On the opening day, a unique Night Ride is planned in the vicinity of Kõpu lighthouse, and on the second day, the oldest cycling event in Hiiumaa, the Emmaste Bicycle Marathon, will be held. At each stage, a separate calculation is planned for fatbike owners, and cyclists who prefer a smooth ride can also ride on their own.
The AeroBike Landscape Triangle has a general classification and leader’s shirts on the principle of a cycling tour, but in essence it is still three separate events that are worth riding even if you do not reach all the stages.
Pre-registration for the AeroBike Terrain Trio and the Filter Speedway Cup Series and the Filter Road Cup Series ends with a Christmas price and ends this year, ie at midnight on Sunday.